All In 1 Hooper


includes Leveler Pro and Sleeve Board Pro
& all brackets for all hoops!

FIVE Devices in One Unit

  1. Adult Board
  2. Youth Board
  3. Infant Board
  4. Sleeve Board
  5. Extension Arms
    for all sizes of garments!
all in 1 hooper

This device is a must for shops of all sizes!

When QUALITY is the priority for any embroiderer.

Never Measure Again!

all in 1 hooperall in 1 hooperall in 1 hooper
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All in 1 Hooper - Quick and easy to convert to other size shirt boards, which will speed up your production. The most cost effective device in the industry due to it's ability to work with all sizes of hoops and garments without having to purchase additional attachments or devices.

All In 1 Hooper - the tool you need to assure precise and consistent design placement. No more measuring, marking, aligning or hooping flat on a table.

All In 1 Hooper - comes with a design placement card giving you the ability to record the exact hole locations for future and repeat orders.

All In 1 Hooper - adult and extra large settings accommodate adult sizes up to 6-XL. The device angle is approximately 45 degrees, providing a natural feel while hooping.

all in 1 hooper

Leveler Pro - a quick change, tubular leveling device for all round hoops. When used with the All In 1 Leveler Pro, you can assure perfect placement every time!

  • Levels Tubular Hoops · Quick Change Over · 4 Hoop Sizes in 1
    No Screws to Tighten · Saves Space, Time and Money!


Leveler Pro AND Sleeve Board Pro!

All hoop brackets included for ALL hoop sizes!

Job Placement Cards for repeat orders!

Color-coded placement stickers!

Hoop front and back of garments!

Contoured shoulder for natural fit!

All In 1 Hooper - FAQs

What brands of machine will work with the All in 1 Hooper?

All machines with tubular style hoops: Melco · Tajima · Toyota · Brother · Bravo · Baby Lock · Baurdan · Butterfly · Ameco · Prodigy · Meistergram · ZSK · Amaya · SWF · Inbro · Ricoma · Highland · Pantogram · Janome · Happy · Feiya · Renaissance · Ultramatics. All in 1 Hooper is not Brand specific you do not need extra brackets for each hoop size or style.

Will the All in 1 Hooper work with square, round, oval, and magnetic style tubular hoops?

Yes, the Leveler Pro has a bracket that can be flipped over to work with square hoops and other side to work with round hoops. These universal brackets can work with every size hoop that came with your machine: large, small, round, oval or square!

Will the All in 1 Hooper work with my home brand of machine?

Yes, it works with all home and industrial brands in the embroidery industry.

Will I have to purchase extra bracket for each hoop size?

No, the All in 1 Hooper comes with a complete set of brackets for all your hoop sizes.

Can the All in 1 Hooper hoop the fronts and backs of garments?

Yes, the device has contoured shoulders so that you can line up either the front or back of garments.

What type of items can be hooped with the All in 1 Hooper?

Shirt · Jackets · Sweatshirts · Robes · Sweaters · Shorts · Bags · Towels · Bibs · Pants · Socks · Cuffs · Shoulders · Back Yoke Area · Pillow Cases · Infants · Toddlers · Juniors · Adults · Extra Lg Adults

Do I have to assemble the device when I get it?

No, the All in 1 Hooper comes completely assembled. No extra tools need to convert to different size shirt boards.

Does the device come with instructions on how to use it?

Yes, the device comes with a very easy step by step cd manual with videos. Also included is a Standard Tubular Placement Guide, Ingredients for Successful Embroidery Guide, and Job Placement Cards for repeat orders.
all in 1 hooperall in 1 hooper

How does the All in 1 Hooper compare to the Hoopmaster?

The All in 1 Hooper is designed to hoop all garment sizes. It has 5 boards embedded into 1 device. The All in 1 Hooper is the only device on the market that works with every garment and hoop size without having to purchase additional attachments. Everything is included at one low price.

The basic Hoopmaster includes the capability to hoop one size only, any additional sizes or special applications will require additional purchases directly from Hoopmaster. As an example, you may need to purchase a jacket back fixture for 12" hoops, a jacket back fixture for over 12" hoops, a pocket guide, a youth board, an infant board, a sleeve board, an extender for large garments or an extra fixture for round hoops. You should do the math yourself but if you need additional items so that you can use your Hoopmaster on all of your jobs as virtually every embroidery shop will, your Hoopmaster purchase will easily cost well over $1,000.00+, while the All in 1 Hooper is yours for a one time purchase that includes everything at a much lower cost. Also, the Hoopmaster will take up much more of your shop space for storage of the various extra attachments that you will need. The All in 1 Hooper is a wise choice that has been used widely in the embroidery industry for over twenty years.

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Now Only:
$745.00, free shipping

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